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Help! I’m losing Likes! How to post to Facebook to ensure meaningful engagement

You’re losing traction on Facebook. The number of Likes keeps going down. What’s going on?

Facebook for business means engaging your target audience, getting their interest, making them want to learn more, and encouraging them to share.

How to post to Facebook to ensure meaningful engagement?

If you use Facebook for business, you can use these tips to boost your engagement levels:

• Go for quality over quantity. Don’t post something just to post something. Every thing you put on Facebook for business purposes should be high-quality, relevant, and engaging.

• Short and sweet. Many people see a lot of content on Facebook. They skim to see what is interesting. You need to keep your message short to grab their attention.

• Add something eye-catching to your post. As said before, people skim Facebook. Great photos, illustrations, or infographics are going to catch their eye and spark their interest.

• Share exclusive material and offers with your Facebook followers. Facebook is not only a great sharing site. It is also a great place to offer special info or deals to reward your followers.

• Respond to your customers. If your customers post a comment or question, respond to it. Using Facebook for business demands that you engage in a two-way conversation. Even a simple thank you for a compliment will do it.

• Post special content and offers around holidays. When you give your audience something special for Valentine’s Day, Cyber Monday, or New Year’s, you will get them talking and sharing.

• Don’t forget to keep your audience data up to date. Remove any inactive or memorialized accounts. Having a bunch of inactive users in your audience data will throw your numbers way off.

If your posts are not getting the Likes they deserve, take action now. Remember Facebook for business requires ongoing attention.