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Content Is Still King!

Did you know that it has been almost 20 years since Bill Gates coined the phrase Content is King when it comes to Internet marketing? While that phrase gets bandied about a lot in digital marketing circles, it remains as true today as it was two decades ago.


Content, content, content

Content comes in so many forms. When Bills Gates stated Content is King, almost all content on the Internet was long pages of text with a few pictures thrown in.

Today, content takes on so many forms. If you go browsing on a few websites, you will find tons of different content forms:


• Articles

• Blog posts

• Infographics

• Videos

• Podcasts

• Interactive tools like calculators

• Slide shows

• Memes

• Pictures

• Tutorials

• Online courses


And that is just to name a few.

Why does content still reign supreme?

Content is critical for putting your company in the best position possible when it comes to positioning in search engine results and engaging potential customer interest. That is why Content is King remain true.


People use search engines to find things on the Internet. It doesn’t matter whether the results come from Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Those results are the first place most consumers look when trying to find information, a product, or a service. What gets ranked in search engines? Content. Content is King for a reason.


But, content does so much more than just get you ranked in search engines. It engages the interest of your target audience and entices them to look around a bit more. A good piece of content will get the prospect to look around your website and see what else you have to offer.


Anyone can publish anything on the Internet. And it will get people’s attention. And that is the power of Content is King.