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The more people who follow you on Twitter, the more influence and networking opportunities you have. Thus, it makes sense to try and build a following. Here are some best practices on getting others to follow you:

1) Follow Them
There’s an almost automatic reaction to follow people who follow you. However, there’s a backlash
against people who follow just about everyone for the sole purpose of gaining followers. In short,
be discriminating with whom you follow.

2) Post Some Good Tweets Right Before Following Someone Else
Help people to decide to follow you by posting some good, informative tweets. This will help them
to see that you are providing valuable information through your Tweets. Remember to tweet

3) Complete Your Company Bio
People rarely follow strangers, so complete your one-line bio and include your company URL in the
“More Info URL” section of your profile. People want to know who they will be following before
they actually follow them, so providing them this information upfront will help.

4) Add Your Twitter Feed to Your Blog and Other Social Media Profiles
If you have a following at your blog or a lot of connections on Facebook or LinkedIn, you can
leverage this audience to increase your followers onTwitter.

5) Reply to People You Are Following – especially if they are not yet following you
That’s a good way to engage someone and get them to follow you, even if they didn’t follow you
immediately. Remember though, some people have thousands of followers and may not be able to
respond to every reply.